Better ways to say “I Love You”

Holding hands 5 2014
Better ways to say “I Love You”.
Words are good but deeds are better.
As a bare minimum when you are married tell your spouse that you love them at least once every day.
Don’t simple mention it in passing or while otherwise occupied.
Get their attention and focus on their face while you say the words.

Never underestimate the power of touch.
An unexpected hug, shoulder or foot rub or even better a romantic kiss will spark interest in your spouse.
These quiet moments will mean a great deal and be remembered longer than your words.
Try to be spontaneous with a tickle, a moment gazing at the stars or a walk in the rain.
An unexpected weekend alone together getaway can rekindle romance on all levels.
Remember to never become too old to hold hands.
Holding hands while watching TV, driving or walking together through the store will help you stay connected for life.

A written love note will be valued more because it takes time to consider you thoughts and they can be reread over the years.
Start conversations with loving memories you made together.
Share your list of the top 10 reasons why you love your spouse or what you love about them.

Give your spouse the gift of time.
When it is time to cook the meal, do the laundry or dishes, sit down with the bills or go shopping for household goods, volunteer to help.
It means even more to your spouse if you find the things they dislike doing and volunteer to do those for them.
Perhaps they dislike folding laundry or getting their hands wet washing dishes or they dislike putting the dishes away or emptying the dishwasher or taking out the trash.
Smile and volunteer for these duties and your spouse will know that you value them and their efforts for the family. Your spouse will see and feel your love for them by your actions.

Plan something special for your anniversary, your spouse’s birthday and the high holidays of the year.
Never stop dating your spouse.
Plan a special event for one day or night every week for the rest of your lives.


About chaplainchucks

I am an old Marine who has become a Chaplain. I love to write stories, poetry and to perform wedding ceremonies. I live in the mountains in Southern California but work near the beach. I also enjoy camping and cooking in my Dutch Ovens. I am a philosopher, gentleman, Renaissance man and great-grandfather. USMC 1976-1980 (Tank Battalion) US Army 1980-1988 (Military Intelligence) Minister license 1995
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