Work (A Poem)


A Chuck Weiskircher Poem © 12/15/2014

Millions of Americans are out of work

Around the Employment office they lurk.

Looking through the wanted adds

Some are moms and most are dads.

Good jobs are very hard to find

Looking for work is a hard grind

Getting an interview is a first step

It takes much planning and prep.

You do your best to really shine

You even think “this job is mine”

Then you get the dreaded call

They don’t want you, not at all.

Back to the papers or web sites

You look for jobs day and nights.

Soon you would do nearly anything

Just to hear your phone ring.

Another interview is finally offered

You put on a show like Joan Crawford

Your heart beats faster when the phone rings

With a job offer your heart does sing.

Your first day you dress your best

You head to work feeling blessed.

It may not be your dream job

Somehow for it you beat the mob.

Days then weeks then years go by

Time sure does seem to fly

Before you know it you can retire

Putting your feet up by the fire.

Looking back you wonder how

You did earn your daily chow.

Every day you made your choice

So now your retired and can rejoice.


About chaplainchucks

I am an old Marine who has become a Chaplain. I love to write stories, poetry and to perform wedding ceremonies. I live in the mountains in Southern California but work near the beach. I also enjoy camping and cooking in my Dutch Ovens. I am a philosopher, gentleman, Renaissance man and great-grandfather. USMC 1976-1980 (Tank Battalion) US Army 1980-1988 (Military Intelligence) Minister license 1995
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